TLAR Version Notes

TLAR 5.0

Critical fix of bug that crashed app for brand new users

Improved performance modelling of A36, C152, C172N, C172S, C180K, C182, CA185F, DA40, GLST, M20F, PA28140, and PA28181 aircraft -basic and -pro

Improved display of Nav and Motion sensor status -pro

Corrected screen-size error which displayed the CDI and GSI in the wrong place on certain iPhones -pro

Known Issues

Apple changed the privacy permissions required to use the iOS barometer starting with iOS 17.4+. This causes erroneus iBaro read-outs in TLAR. We are working a fix.

Text labels will be slightly off if user places their phone or ipad in "Zoomed" mode [Settings/Display and Brightness/Display Zoom].

Using the iOS built-in software rotation button will scramble the screen.

App would freeze if map zoomed in or re-oriented by user. This is a known Apple bug, fixed in iOS 16.4. These features disabled if iOS is not 16.4 or better.